Friday, September 30, 2011

Lala khal (Sylhet)

Lala khal 
Lala khal Sylhet

Lala khal Sylhet

Lala khal Sylhet

This place is most beautiful during winter. But the rainy season will give you a different beauty. Specially the lush green from the bank of the river.
Lala khal is a remote place from the modern locality. You have no option but hire a boat run by ordinary engines. To reach the lala khal, you have several options, but I have chosen the place "Shari Ghat".
Got a bus from the Upashahar Bus Terminal. This bus will take you Jointa and Jaflong. But you don't need to go that much far. Before Jainta, there is a stoppage named "Sharighat". It will cost you 34 taka and around 40 minutes to reach.
From shari ghat, you have to hire the boat. You can hire the entire boat, or share the boat with people. Choice is yours.

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