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Rangamati is the Best Tourist Spot of Bangladesh, where the green nature and sky made an wonderful combination of Earth. You will see hundreds of beautiful small and medium green hill of this area. This is a Divine Place of the world. Sharno Mondir is the another tourist attraction



Sent Martin is the Earth Heaven of the world which is situated in Bangladesh. It is the best tourist spot of Bangladesh. Where Sea, Green Earth and Blue Water are made an wonderful combination, its beauty is not describable. I am proud to born in Bangladesh. It is the Dream Heaven of the world.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jaflong (Sylhet)

Jaflong (Sylhet)
Joflong sylhet

Joflong sylhet

Situated amidst splendid panorama, Tamabil is a border outpost on Sylhet-Shilong Road about 55 km. away from Sylhet town. Besides enchanting views of the area one can also have a glimpse of the waterfalls across the border from Tamabil. Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and rate beauty of rolling stones from hills

Friday, September 30, 2011

Patenga sea beach (Chittagong)

Patenga sea beach
Patenga sea beach

Patenga sea beach

Patenga is a sea beach located 14 kilometres south of the port city of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is near the mouth of the Karnaphuli River.

Sunset at Patenga Beach
Patenga is a popular tourist spot. The beach is very close to Bangladesh Naval Academy of Bangladesh Navy, and Shah Amanat International Airport. The beach width is narrow and swimming in the seas is not recommended. Part of the seashore is built-up with concrete walls. Also large blocks of stones have been laid out to prevent erosion.

During 1990s a host of restaurants and kiosks have sprouted out around the beach area. After the sun-down, drug-peddlers start to approach visitors. Also, alcohol peddling is very common. Lighting of the beach area has enhanced the security aspect of visiting in the evening.

The beach itself is quite sandy, with a few rocky patches here and there. Most visitors come to Patenga Beach as it is known for having some of the most stunning sunsets and sunrises in Bangladesh. The more adventurous travelers will also be able to enjoy a river cruise on the Karnaphuli River, or a boat trip onto the ocean waves. Nature enthusiasts will find Patenga Beach to be a haven for most of the wadingbird species of Bangladesh and if lucky, bird watchers will also be able to see spoon-billed sandpipers running around.
If the crowds at Patenga Beach become too much, visitors should move on to Parky Beach, which is just a quieter extension of Patenga. Here, the beach is lined with massive shady palm trees and fishing boats. Fishermen sit around peacefully, going about their daily chores while sea gulls patiently circle overhead waiting for the odd scrap of fish to be thrown their way. It is the perfect location for a quiet picnic or day of relaxation.

Visitors will find Patenga Beach to be diverse, fascinating and, above all, beautiful. It is a tourist destination that lures visitors with the attractions of good weather, natural splendor and the quiet lapping of the ocean waves at their feet. Every moment at Patenga Beach is a photographic opportunity and an unforgettable memory in the making.

Foy’s Lake (Chittagong)

Foy’s Lake
Foy’s Lake Chittagong

Foy’s Lake Chittagong

Foy’s Lake Amusement World is a theme park located in the heart of Chittagong, in Foy’s Lake. Amusement World is located in the same complex as Sea World and Foy’s Lake Resorts. The Foy’s Lake theme parks are located in a picturesque setting surrounded by hills, a lake and green forests located in Pahartoli, Chittagong on approximately 320 Acres of land.

Chittagong is a major port city of Bangladesh located south of Dhaka with good transport links from the capital. Chittagong is considered by many as the most beautiful district of the country due to its natural beauty comprising of the seaside, hills, rivers, forests and valleys.

Amusement World is a dry park with the usual theme park rides and attractions as well as boat rides on the lake, landscaping, restaurants, concerts with floating stages, scenic walking trails and many other fun activities. It even boasts a resort hotel. We have something for every age and taste.

The biggest attraction is the beauty of the lake and its surrounding hills. Our park is right in the middle of it so you can have the fun and thrills as well as the serenity and peacefulness of Foy’s Lake. It also hosts many corporate picnics and other events.

The brand new Foy’s Lake Resort is a unique getaway in Chittagong where you can stay in luxurious accommodation while enjoying the natural beauty of Foy’s Lake and the entertainment of its two theme parks.

Lala khal (Sylhet)

Lala khal 
Lala khal Sylhet

Lala khal Sylhet

Lala khal Sylhet

This place is most beautiful during winter. But the rainy season will give you a different beauty. Specially the lush green from the bank of the river.
Lala khal is a remote place from the modern locality. You have no option but hire a boat run by ordinary engines. To reach the lala khal, you have several options, but I have chosen the place "Shari Ghat".
Got a bus from the Upashahar Bus Terminal. This bus will take you Jointa and Jaflong. But you don't need to go that much far. Before Jainta, there is a stoppage named "Sharighat". It will cost you 34 taka and around 40 minutes to reach.
From shari ghat, you have to hire the boat. You can hire the entire boat, or share the boat with people. Choice is yours.